Songwriter Showcase and Listening Room: Nick Marcotte • Kristina Jacobsen • acoustic • Lara Manzanares • E. Christina Herr at Winning Coffee Co., Albuquerque
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Songwriter Showcase and Listening Room: Nick MarcotteKristina JacobsenacousticLara ManzanaresE. Christina Herr

Tuesday April 9, 2019

111 Harvard Dr SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: (505) 266-0000
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Kristina Jacobsen

Phone: 505-277-0000
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Come join two fantastic singer songwriters for our final Songwriter Showcase and Listening Room of the spring 2019 Season. Beautiful tunes played in-the-round in an intimate, acoustic setting. Tuesday, April 9th, 7-8:45pm. Featuring sets and original songs by E. Christina Herr (joined by Laura Leach-Devlin), Lara Manzanares and host Kristina Jacobsen.


Kristina Jacobsen:

 “How a kid from Great Barrington, Massachusetts, came to play country music in a Navajo family band and go on to become a Ph.D. ethnomusicologist and the leader of an all-female honky-tonk band is a story I will pursue elsewhere. For now, let’s just say that Kristina Jacobsen’s first album, Three Roses,proves that she is a certified country singer/songwriter who couldn’t be more authentic if she had been born backstage at the Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport, a program that she celebrates in a song of the same name. She delivers her 11 originals in a yodeling alto that can warm your heart, bite off a searing denunciation, or celebrate good times with equal fervor. The songs revolve, for the most part, around family, both blood and chosen, and she is especially adept at portraits. “Long Returning Road,” written with Janni Littlepage, was inspired by the lives of two female ancestors whose dreams were torpedoed by life’s realities. “Inez” paints a Navajo woman—“A Latter Day Saint, but she drinks pop and whisky”—who’s been beaten down but not conquered. “Has-Been Cowboy” flips off a man turned into a bitter bully with a limp. “Dogs and Children” delivers a startling simile that compares an abused dog with its owner: “Like her, he’s a carcass on a chain.” “White Knuckles” tells of a successful woman’s emotional dislocation, and how her infant’s white knuckles grasping her finger relax her own frozen grip on anxiety. There’s grit, dust, desolation, and abandonment—hey, it’s country music—and love and redemption enough to make up for it. Jacobsen, who plays guitar and lap steel, is backed by a fine group of


musicians, and they help her, as she says in her song “Ms. Loretta Lynn,” “sing it sassy . . . sing it downright brassy.” Mel Minter, Musically Speaking


Listen to Kristina’s songs, here:


“E. Christina Herr realized at an early age that music is not just a sound coming out of the radio. After all, her grandfather was a professional Jazz musician, her mother played piano and she grew up next door to Linda Ronstadt. It was Ronstadt’s guitar player, Shep Cooke, who gave Christina her first guitar and taught her to play “Wildwood Flower” in her Ocean Park, California home (…) 

Months of staring at the walls in Albuquerque led Christina to post a fateful Craig List ad. Martin Rowell showed up at her door carrying a beat up Telecaster. Christina had found someone who truly understood and resonated with her music. 

The couple put together the band Wild Frontier, a sonic rodeo of original Americana, Alt Country Twang, old school Rock ‘n Roll and Spaghetti Western. E. Christina Herr & Wild Frontier evokes a compelling musical weather report from the West and Southwest of yesterday and today. 

The songs on their latest album, Americana Motel, range from old school cowboy waltzes and two-steps, Western Soul and Americana to Punk. Lyrics reflect worn down 21st century cowboys, longed for road signs, burning embers, running from the law and a tribute to a tragic poet songwriter...all flavored with an original sound the band calls Western Gothic.” 


Listen to E. Christina’s songs at:



Lara Manzanares:


Lara Manzanares is a bilingual singer-songwriter of Northern New Mexican heritage. In addition to singing the Mexican boleros, rancheras, and corridos of her sheep- ranching childhood, Lara also composes her own style of music in both English and Spanish. Through a combination of storytelling and songs both playful and sincere, Lara draws on her rural New Mexican roots and her experiences living in urban environments across the U.S. and abroad as she sings about love, loss, a sense of place, and her own connection to the land. In 2018 her debut original album Land Baby won Album of the Year at the New Mexico Music Awards. She continues to write, record, and perform across northern New Mexico and beyond, using the wild terrain of her homeland to inspire her art.


Listen to Lara’s songs, here: