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Book Launch: Structures [Albuquerque]

Friday April 19, 2019

4022 Rio Grande Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107-3157

Phone: 344-8139
Website: Click to Visit





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Artist Robert Stowkowsky presents a book version of his immersive art installation.

structures [ albuquerque ] is a public art project by Robert Stokowy. It consists of eight performative sculptures, located on Albuquerque’s Open Space Land (Sandia Foothills, Manzano Four Hills, Los Poblanos Fields, Rio Grande Nature Center, OSVC, Calabacillas Arroyo, Elena Gallegos and Golden Open Space). Stokowy combined elements of Sound Art, Land Art, Poetry & Conceptual Art to create text-based interventions from which the artwork emerges. The reader becomes the performer & sole spectator of imaginary sounding, visual or sensory sculptures that one creates from, with & through the installation’s surroundings. The result is an imagined, ever-changing entity that is constructed anew by each individual as well as time, weather and season.

Since the locations chosen for this installation are not accessible for those who have trouble walking or people with disabilities, Stokowy created a book version of the installation. The book is in no way inferior to the Open Space Installations. It contains seven performative pieces in more urban areas of the city, such as Albuquerque Museum, Broadway Blvd, UNM Campus, Central, Gold/7th, Rail Yards & Atrisco Vista Blvd. All installation sites are easily accessible by car, are in close proximity to parking spots & only require minimal walking.

The project is supported by the City of Albuquerque Parks & Recreation Open Space & Berlin Senate Department of Culture and Europe.



About the Artist:

Robert Stokowy is an artist, composer & artistic researcher from Cologne, Germany. His works are experimental compositions, text-based interventions, audiovisual performances and (radical site-specific) installations. All projects are framed by an overarching artistic research process, focussing on inner structural characteristics of sonic environments. With his work the artist wants to explore the epistemic and creative potentiality of his sonic surroundings. His aim is to give access, to experience new perspectives in our environment, by exploring the potentiality of sonic and visual structures in our urban surroundings. Emphasis is put on the aspect of the audible visuals as well as visual potential of sound. Using an interdisciplinary approach, his works investigate modes and possibilities of sonic accessibility. In short sound is used as a tool to understand one’s environment and the human condition.