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Promenade Albuquerque

Sunday June 2, 2019

q-Staff Theatre
400 Broadway Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Take the anti-tour of Albuquerque as the reality of the street and the poetry of fiction mix in a way that makes everyday life a privilege to see.

In May 2019, q-Staff Theatre will remount their smash hit of 2018, Promenade Albuquerque.

The collaboration between q-Staff, Stereo Akt of Budapest, Hungary and Working Classroom that spawned the completely original “performance on a bus” that entranced audiences in November is returning for an encore run in May.

 The audience boards a bus at q-Staff Theatre and is transported on a magical journey around Albuquerque where the city itself becomes a performer as scenes, vignettes and completely unpredictable encounters unfold before their eyes.  

 Hailed by audiences as “a love poem to the city” and “the most amazing performance I’ve ever seen”, Promenade offers a journey into the city and a vision of its inhabitants in a completely unique and beautiful manner. The audience wears headsets as they journey from location to location that allow them privileged access to the city and its thoughts.

 As it says in the show: “I was listening to a person.  They were saying things inside their head. It went like this: I was swallowed by a bus one day… then the whole city changed…. And so did I.”


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    Sandy Timmerman

    Phone: 505-453-3790
    Website: Click to Visit





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