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Saturday May 4, 2019

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Historian and historiographer Don Bullis talks about the research he has done over the past 50 years while writing a score of books and the surprises and disappointments while doing so.

ADVENTURES in RESEARCH: A Half Century of Digging into the Past

Historian/historiographer Don Bullis will talk about the research he has done over the past 50 or so years while writing a score of books—historical tomes, newspaper and magazine columns, and novels—and the surprises and disappointments he has experienced while doing it. He will offer a few suggestions regarding what writers should do in the quest for historical accuracy and what they should not do. He will also discuss ways in which to interpret information developed from original sources and which of them to discount entirely. He will talk about using the internet, personal interviews, and secondary sources. He will not, he promises, get bogged down in minutiae of accessing obscure sources. The talk is intended to help writers save some time in doing research and have a bit of fun while uncovering useful material.