Short Storyathon at Fatpipe, Albuquerque
Due to the March 23, 2020 NM DOH Public Health Order, These Event Listings Are Not Accurate!
All non-essential businesses are closed, public gatherings are prohibited!
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Short Storyathon

Friday April 26, 2019

200 Broadway Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102






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Go from idea creation (on Friday night) all the way to your published short story on Amazon by Sunday!


The basics:

Friday night 6pm – 9pm

Bring your walking shoes! And be ready for any weather. We’ll start out at FatPipe ABQ, a coworking space and in the historic library of the old Albuquerque High School. We’ll discuss how to write a short story and how to find ideas for your story (if you don’t have one already). Then, we’ll take a walking tour of downtown to collect those ideas.

We've also invited AIGA members to join us Friday night - the professional association for design - to mix things up and add to our conversations about creativity.

Saturday – 8am - 8pm

We’ll start with some writing sprints to get us going. Then take a quick break while we talk about book covers and consider hiring a book cover artist (they run $60 to $250 -  but you are not required to hire one - you'll also have an opportunity to create your own with Canva).

Then keep writing all morning. After lunch (lunch is on your own, but we have plenty of places nearby) we’ll sit down and review each other’s work, so we can get ideas on what needs to be improved. Then, it’s back to writing.

In the evening, your stories will be sent to our professional editors. They will edit the first four pages of stories you started that weekend (this is so everyone gets some professional editing on their story). Also, this is paid as part of your purchase.

Sunday – start at 11am - 5pm

We’ll sleep in a little after all that work. Then it’s back to work. We’ll polish our stories in the morning. Then, I’ll go over how to set up your story on Amazon.

Then, we'll celebrate with cake!

Limited spaces:

I’m limiting this event to only 25 attendees, so you probably want to buy your ticket now, and before the early bird prices go up.

Win some Goodies!

The 5-Minute Author Plotfinder Package!

To celebrate the launch of our new audiobook and accompanying box (to help you write your novel), We’ll be giving a box and audiobook away to one lucky attendee ($60 value)!

Win a story cover!

Everyone who brings a cash and/or book donation for Albuquerque Reads will receive a chance to win a free story cover design ($60 value) by graphic designer, Alexa Verardo.

The Facilitators:

Sonja Dewing is a published author and award-winning creative writer. She has an adventure novel, Toy of the Gods, published by Creativia (available on Amazon), and a couple of self-published short stories on Amazon.

Elisabeth Loya is a published author and member of Querque Quills.

Ready? Buy your tickets and let's get writing!

Want to attend only certain days?

No problem!

If you already have an idea for your story, sign up for the "Create and Publish it" ticket and you get Saturday and Sunday bundled.

If you already know how to publish to Amazon, but need the idea and create day, get the "Idea and Create it" ticket and you get Friday and Saturday bundled.

You can also buy a single day on its own.


"I enjoyed to challenge of creating with a deadline in mind and I deeply appreciated the generous and supportive environment created by the instructor and participants alike." -Elisabeth Loya

"I participated in Oct 2018 short story-a-thon! It was an awesome supportive experience that got me through the story and the publishing process in a weekend!! I will be doing this again. Thank you!!" -Winter Flack

"I had a terrific time at this workshop. We began Friday with a brief lesson on creative writing, then a walking tour of downtown Albuquerque where we sought inspiration for our writing. Saturday was devoted to creating pieces with the assistance of professional editors. Today was about publishing our stories on Kindle Direct, complete with story cover. It was a marathon session, inspiration to publishing in three days. It certainly spurred me to complete my tales and taught me it is possible to get them out there for others to enjoy." - Chris Allen