Compañía Olga Pericet: La Espina

Wednesday June 19, 2019

1701 Fourth Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102-4508

Phone: 246-2261
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National Institute of Flamenco

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See beautiful and innovative flamenco live.


From award-winning dancer Olga Pericet, Espina encompasses a personal journey through dance that comes from memory, wounds, past kisses, and time, where the real and the oneiric melt in a single space-time: the interior. Espina’s language delves into the roots of the unknown; sows new things; creates a universe where feminine and masculine, humorous and dramatic fit in equal parts; and encounters human lights and shadows. A gallery of dramatic games where the woman always appears powerful, a miscellany of sculpted images, where space is traversed, between beauty and ugliness, joy and bitterness, seclusion and sensuality, youth and decrepitude, all framed in a future of rhythms that move in a palo flamenco and its opposite.