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Di Kavene KapelyeBalkan, KlezmerThe Rebbe's Orkestra • Los Klezmerados de Santa Fe

Sunday June 9, 2019

1501 First Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: (505) 585-1501
Website: Click to Visit






Clara Byom

Phone: 563-379-9020
Website: Click to Visit

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Join three of New Mexico's hottest Jewish music ensembles at Dialogue Brewing for music and beer!

June 9th, 2019
$10 cover 

Di Kavene Kapelye-

​Formed in the fall of 2014, Di Kavene Kapelye (Yiddish for “The Watermelon Band”), is a klezmer trio based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Clara Byom (clarinet, bass clarinet) recently completed her Master's degree in Clarinet Performance and Musicology at the University of New Mexico; she brings lyrical virtuosity to the melodies. Jeff Brody (fiddle, banjo, vocals) is an application developer, aikidoka, and life-long violinist, who performs with a Yiddishe neshama. Randi Thompson (accordion, vocals) is an optometrist and connoisseur of "strange, foreign sounds", who accompanies with exuberant and emotive playing.  ​

​They came together as a trio in 2014 having played as—and are still—part of The Nahalat Shalom Community Klezmer Band. All of them love the excitement of playing for dancing. Together, they are committed to a sound that is both deeply rooted in authentic klezmer tradition and alive in the present, a music that exists in that beautifully chaotic tension between the sacred and the profane. The ensemble’s repertoire draws from a wide variety of sources, including material learned at KlezmerQuerque and KlezKanada workshops. The ensemble is strongly influenced by their mentors, Beth Cohen and Margot Leverett.


The Rebbe's Orkestra - The Rebbe’s Orkestra, is a popular professional concert and simcha ensemble that has been performing Judaic music throughout the southwest since 1995. In 2010, the band celebrated the release of its first CD 'Klezmer y mas" to widespread acclaim. Band members includes Nahalat Shalom's cantor and music director Beth Cohen (violin/ mandolin/tenor banjo/lead vocals), Barbara Friedman (electric bass/ tambura/vocals), Randy Edmunds (guitar/tambura/vocals), Debo Orlofsky (accordion/vocals), and Mary Masuk (percussion: pojk, snare drum, doumbek, riq, dajde, tar drum, wooden spoons & whistles).  The Rebbe's Orkestra also performs and accompanies many of the special guest artists at the annual festival KlezmerQuerque, sharing the stage with klezmer luminaries such as Elaine Hoffman-Watts, Susan Hoffman, Margot Leverett, Michael Alpert, Jake Shulmen-Ment, Steven Weintraub and Adrianne Greenbaum. Beth, Barbara, and Randy have also performed & studied Balkan folk music extensively for over 30 years, and find the musical and community connections resonate in klezmer music.

Los Klezmerados de Santa Fe - bla bla bla we are musicians, we met somewhere, we all play music wow fantastic. If you come though you'll hear klezmer played so hard you might finally feel like life might be worth living.

Liv The Shiv on Ladino vocals and fiddle,
Jailbait Judah on Yiddish and Hebrew vocals and guitar,
Billy The Yid on trumpet,
Alan the Hebrew Hurricane on upright bass.