Eyvind Earle' Gold-to-Green Paintings, Prints and Notecards Show at Palette Contemporary Art and Craft, Albuquerque
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Eyvind Earle' Gold-to-Green Paintings, Prints and Notecards Show

Tuesday July 2, 2019

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7400 Montgomery NE
Albuquerque, NM

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Kurt Nelson

Phone: 5058557777
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Runs through 07/08/2019.


With the California drought officially over after more than seven years and drought conditions improving in New Mexico while composing this postcard on a rainy, May 10th in ABQ, it seems only natural to wax nostalgic about the good ol’ “Golden” days of California that so influenced Eyvind Earle’s landscape artistry before the turn of the 21st century.

These were the days when neither mountainside super blooms of wild flowers were present in California nor were the hills of New Mexico looking so “alive” like scenes from Ireland.

Eyvind’s “golden” artistry featured vast hillsides of parched grasses, probably never fully green, that turned mustard-in-color due to the eternal baking of the California sun.

However, Eyvind was not one-dimensonal in making his compositions pertaining to the California landscape. Creative, definitely, one-dimensional, no. In his self produced DVD, Eyvind answered one of the questions most asked of him when he was alive, “After you view a scene, how long does it take you to turn this image into a painting?” Paraphrasing, Eyvind answered that he would ruminate on the imagery for upwards of a year before attempting to paint it. He then decided whether to accurately paint his chosen scene or to create a fictional image depicting how he wished the landscape were. As Eyvind aged, his scenes became more surrealistic and his imagination “won” more regularly in his artistic decision-making. In his print, “Soft Green Meadows”, one wonders where in California this scenery existed?

Perhaps, when offering his “GREEN” landscapes in addition to his “Golden” ones, Earle’s ball was “crystal clear” for he accurately foresaw a time when relatively “lush” vegetation would return, no matter how temporarily, to the West? Come see for yourself as we’ll also mix-in a few of Tenley Fohl’s Santa Ynez Valley photographs which show images from one of Eyvind’s prime painting locales. Should you purchase an Eyvind Earle painting or print, you are welcome to take home a complimentary framed Tenley Fohl photograph from our collection at no charge!

Going on ten years ago, we had notecards with Eyvind’s imagery available for purchase. They were very popular items! Our initial supplier eventually stopped producing these cards once their agreement with Eyvind’s estate expired. GOOD NEWS! Eyvind’s estate has now produced five new card box sets as well as individually wrapped cards that are available, once again, for your purchase. It is now safe to put down your key pads and key boards and resume writing your notes by hand!

Since we started carrying Eyvind’s artistry many years ago, you’ve told us that viewing his work has become one of your favorite reasons to visit Palette. We look forward to your next visit!