Patty Griffin

Thursday June 27, 2019

423 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 768-3522
Website: Click to Visit

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The Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter plays live.

Patty Griffin is among the most consequential singer-songwriters of her generation, a quintessentially American artist whose wide-ranging canon incisively explores the intimate moments and universal emotions that bind us together. Over the course of two decades, the Grammy Award winner--and seven-time nominee--has crafted nine classic studio albums and two live collections, a remarkable body of work in progress that prompted the New York Times to hail her for "[writing] cameo-carved songs that create complete emotional portraits of specific people... (her) songs have independent lives that continue in your head when the music ends."

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Patty Griffin is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter whose work has been variously classified as folk, folk-rock and Americana, among other genres. But whatever you call her flower-coaxing, broadly and sometimes boldly beatific output, it all comes down to a voice that fairly rumbles and flutters and flies through a wide, emotion-filled world of intimate vignettes captured in striking, sometimes stark arrangements. Griffin’s reach also includes gospel music. She utilizes and transforms the genre with challenging and compelling results on her latest, eponymous album. Griffin will be gigging at the historic KiMo Theatre (423 Central Ave. NW) on Thursday, June 27. Griffin’s sense of universalism, both in the compositional devices and the lyrics she employs, are often affirmative but plaintive; when she rocks out as on mi favorito, “Flaming Red,” it’s with a heartfelt urgency that is as authentic as the Gibson J-50 the artist wields. And if that’s not enough for you fellow rock mitote-cravers, her partner for the years between 2010 and 2012 was none other than the golden god himself, Robert Plant. Serio. That probably made for some fine duets but you can still catch Griffin at her most excellent on a spring tour that graciously includes El Duque. 7:30pm • $30 to $45 • All-ages.

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