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Saturday Aug 3, 2019

Special Collections Library

423 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

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the Public Library ABQ-Bernco

Phone: (505)848-1376
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Explore NM history through film with a ¡Colores! double feature.


Come explore New Mexico history through film with a ¡COLORES! double feature! This is a free event. With Each Turn of the Wheel: The Santa Fe Trail 1821-1966: Consumed with Manifest Destiny, a young United States rolled westward into foreign lands, changing lives and fortunes forever. Celebrating the 175th anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail, this program reexamines the history of this great American event from the point of view of the Hispanic and Native Americans residents of the New Mexican territory. America’s Changing West: America's Changing West is a dramatic one-hour documentary about how southwest communities are rapidly undergoing a change in lifestyle and identity. Profiled are stories of residents caught in the middle of these changes. Due to an untimely death in the family, the Holly family of Steamboat Springs, Colorado faces an enormous tax burden. The estate tax makes it impossible to keep their family ranch and we see them in the dilemma of what to do. We enter the world of a Navajo family in southern Utah. Sent away to be educated in Albuquerque for most of his young life, forty-year old Leo Manheimer is trying to return to a traditional way of life and keep that tradition alive in his family. Viewers witness Navajo religious ceremonies that keep this family bound together and connected to their community and culture. Also, we see how disc drives are replacing cattle drives as telecommuters are leaving metropolitan centers and flooding once small towns, changing them forever.