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The Albuquerque Astronomical Society: Astronomy 101

Saturday Aug 17, 2019

1 University Blvd NE (UNM Campus)
Albuquerque, NM 87106






The Albuquerque Astronomical Society

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"Galactic Rotation Curves: Altering Science Cosmically" - Olivia Cole

This session features Olivia Cole on the subject of galactic rotation, the analysis of galactic rotation curves, those curves being a type of data essential for supporting the still highly-disputed case for dark matter. She has used data obtained by a professional astronomer to discuss and explain that galaxies do not rotate as expected and will present how the two main theories (dark matter and Modified Newtonian Dynamics) attempt to explain why this is.

"Dark matter," per Olivia, "is a hypothetical type of matter that is invisible. Should it exist, its only observed interactions with the universe would be via the effect its gravity has on the ordinary matter around it."

See for full article and map-note: new venue

Bio:Olivia Cole was a winner in the Junior Division astronomy section of the 2019 Central New Mexico Science & Engineering Research Challenge this spring and is a member of TAAS.