Perro Bomba

Saturday Sept 7, 2019

Guild Cinema

3405 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: 255-1848
Website: Click to Visit

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Enjoy a screening of the Chilean film about a young Haitian looking for a stable life.

Steevens is a young Haitian living an uneasy but somewhat stable life in Santiago de Chile.

This precariously balanced life is disrupted when Junior, a childhood friend, arrives illegally in

Chile seeking assistance to establish himself. Initially, Steevens does everything to support his friend and even gets him a job with his employer, but an incident at their workplace erupts racial tensions and stokes a large anti-immigration sentiment in the city. Steveens loses his working documents and his home, and is left to wander the city looking for a chance to restart his life beyond the margins of society.