Bread Amnesty Day

Saturday Aug 31, 2019

Tingley Beach

1800 Tingley Dr SW
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 768-2000
Website: Click to Visit

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Crying Fowl

Photo by Clarke Condé

You and your toddler have been getting away with it for awhile now, but you are making everybody sick. Well, everybody that is a duck, really. If you didn’t already know, you can’t feed ducks (or other waterfowl) bread. Don’t give them Cheetos, popcorn or tortillas either. It’s not good for them and it fouls the water that we are trying to keep fowled. Instead, bring your bread on down to Bread Amnesty Day at Tingley Beach on Saturday, Aug. 31 from 9am to 1pm and trade it in for waterfowl-friendly pellets. For more information about this free, all-ages event, see

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