Wine Seminar: Luca Winery, a Study in Soil

Friday Sept 27, 2019

201 Marcy Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501


Phone: (505) 955-6200

Laura Catena's Luca Winery is an artisanal winery dedicated to showing the potential of Argentina's old vines. Join Daniela Mezzatesta, a PhD candidate working on soil influence on wines at the Catena Institute in Mendoza, Argentina who will present how Mendoza's high altitude terroir preserves old vines and influences wine flavor. Mendoza soils and climates and the research about wine flavor will be explained thru tasting LUCA Old Vine Malbec, LUCA Beso de Dante, LUCA Paraje Altamira Malbec, LUCA Syrah Laborde Double Select, LUCA G-Lot Chardonnay and LUCA G-Lot Pinot Noir.