Opening Night Movie: Schemers

Tuesday Sept 24, 2019

1801 Mountain Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104

Phone: 841-2802
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Ivan Wiener

Website: Click to Visit

Catch a screening of the remarkable indie film.


SCHEMERS: ‘Everyone in the late '70s thought Scotland was all Bay City Rollers Tartan or drunk football fans smashing up Wembley. But in Dundee, it was rain, pish, and football. The newly built council flats, known as Schemes, the pride and joy of the so-called swinging '60s, had become crime-ridden ghettos. They called us Schemers...the folk that lived among the new concrete streets in the sky...the old industries were dying all around us and the outlook for anyone like me was grim...but as the Clash said the real ice age was still to come...Thatcher was about to be elected.....not that I cared...after all I had a new leather coat..!' Davie is a dreamer - a tycoon-to-be who is constantly hustling for his next buck. Determined not to rot away in an office or in a factory 9-5 he will do anything to avoid a real job. With his promising football career-ending in tatters after an injury, and while recovering in hospital, Davie falls in love with beautiful trainee nurse Shona. He follows her to college where Davie discovers that although he may not be suited to academia he can certainly turn a fast buck running discos. Good thing too as his gambling debts are catching up with him. Along with his bold and business savvy friend, John and utilizing the shadier talents of a young mate Scott the trio try and fail at various schemes – culminating in them putting on a hugely ambitious IRON MAIDEN gig at the Caird Hall, Dundee. With ambition so grand they go deep in debt with the ruthless FERGIE, a gangster of legendary violence. With gangsters, games and girls and an increasingly despairing father on his case, Davie needs to use all his tricks to pull off the biggest scheme of his life – or it could be his last.

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