Biophilia: Our True Nature by Alison Green at Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque
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Biophilia: Our True Nature by Alison Green

Thursday Oct 10, 2019

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1114 Seventh Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102-2051

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Harwood Art Center is pleased to announce our October exhibitions featuring Biophilia - Our True Nature by Alison Green in the Front Gallery. Alison Green’s paintings in her newest exhibition, Biophilia - Our True Nature, are inspired by her love of nature, her interest in myths and stories, and her concern for the health of our planet and humankind. Her strongest childhood memories are of forests and mountains filled with trees and plants, where her imagination and body were sparked alive with feeling. Science now recognizes “forest bathing” – spending time in nature – as important to health and wellness. Green is fascinated with the widespread human tendency to imbue particular plants with symbolic significance. Throughout history and across cultures, plants have conveyed special meaning. Pomegranates hint at the cycles of nature and the feminine, and the lotus hints at Buddhist enlightenment. Green believes that the current disconnect of humans from the natural world is harming the human psyche as much as it is harming the planet. The alarming number of human-caused threats to plants and the environment requires a massive awakening to the importance of biodiversity and conservation. By using botanical imagery in her paintings, she endeavors to awaken the viewer’s inner response to archetypal images of the natural world and, at the same time, encourage attention to outer circumstances that affect us all.