Mari Boine

Tuesday Oct 15, 2019

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Lensic Presents Mari Boine.

Mari Boine is an award-winning Norwegian Sámi musician, known for having added jazz and rock to the traditional singing of her native people. Mari sings in a traditional folk style, using the ‘yoik’ voice, together with a wide range of accompanying instruments and percussion.

Her highly rhythmic songs are rooted in the shamanistic musical traditions of the Sámi of northern Scandinavia. She takes the wordless, yodeling-like vocal style (yoik) and infuses jazz, rock, and other ethnic elements, creating a musical mix that cuts to your soul.

Imagine the ice and snow of the Arctic landscape, the bitter cold of the Northern wind, the hint of compelling blue under a crystallized lake. Close your eyes. Then listen. Really listen. You’ll feel a voice before you even hear it. It’s like none other. It’s a voice that brings the landscape alive with a mesmerizing purity; a voice that represents a thousand years of ancestral connection to an unyielding frozen space.

This is Mari Boine.

Boine’s music represents a thousand years of ancestral connection to the unyielding frozen space of the Arctic.