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Thursday Nov 14, 2019

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8210 Menaul NE
Hoffmantown Shopping Center
Albuquerque, NM 87110

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The Gallery ABQ

Phone: 5052929333
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Runs through 11/23/2019.


This month Featured Artists are Marcella Boushelle and Maria Cole.  

Marchella Boushelle, Mixed Media, Abstract and Impressionistic: Marchella Boushelle’s art is heavily influenced by the impressionist’s painters: Cezanne, Degas and Cassett. The Modernists: Matisse, Kandinsky, Klein and Modigliani. Today’s Artist: Jean Arnold, for her energy of movement and motion. Martin Kippenberger, because he can…he has guts. Marchella’s personal statement: “I am a great viewer of art. It’s what I love. It’s all about art…I hope my art conveys to the viewer the same energy and excitement that I feel when I paint.”

Maria Cole, Oil, Landscapes: Maria’s paintings begin long before she stands in front of the easel with a brush in her hand; they are brought to consciousness by nature and the beauty of everyday life. She doesn’t try to recreate the sources of inspiration, she shows the excitement she feels while observing the endless variations of every one of their elements, moods and attitudes. Her work is conceived while hiking, listening to music and sometimes in places as mundane as the grocery store or riding the subway.  There are exciting possibilities everywhere we look if we can perceive with an open mind.

In the Salon will be featuring “K M White, Collage/Mixed Media” -Artists statement: ELEMENTAL, Earth-Air-Fire- Water. These elements are powerful and pervasive; they surround and support us. Everything we have in life, including life itself, arises from the elements. And yet each in its own way can also be unpredictable and destructive. One by one, or in combination, they show their strength, demonstrate their power, and tell their stories. With this body of work, I hope to increase awareness of how the elements affect us all.