Trace's Ramen Stand

Saturday Nov 23, 2019

561 Quantum Rd NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124

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Youngest Entrepreneur

Future ramen chef extraordinaire, Trace, and his hand built stand.
Tashe Ruth

Growing up, we were always told to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps if we wanted something and to go out and earn it ourselves. Conversely, some of the more motivated among us decided to go full-in on our dreams and make them happen. This is the case for Trace, a local 10-year-old who realized Rio Rancho didn’t have any traditional ramen stands like they have in Japan, so he went about opening his own instead. This Saturday, Nov. 23, Deluxe Design (561 Quantum Rd. NE) will be hosting his stand as he goes about creating ramen to sell. The stand will open for business at 1pm, selling a cup of ramen for $3 (cash only!) so make sure you get there early to avoid the lines. This is an early start to a business, and that kind of moxie deserves to be rewarded. I can’t wait to have lunch at your stand, Trace! For more information, call Deluxe Design at 892-8090.

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