Buttercream 101

Sunday Dec 8, 2019

2720 Central Ave SE
Ste D
Albuquerque, NM 87106

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Buttercream Is King

When it comes to frosting, there are two types of icing: Buttercream, the correct one, and royal icing, the horrible one. I refuse to acknowledge any others, and if you come at me about fondant, I’ll legitimately fight you. Fondant shouldn’t exist, and while that’s just my opinion, it’s the correct one and will never be proven otherwise. All this is to say that Buttercream 101, hosted by Q's Cakes and Sweets Boutique (2720 Central Ave. SE Ste. D), will teach you about why buttercream is supremely better than a ganache or whipped cream frosting, and how to make it like a pro. Happening Sunday, Dec. 8 from 2pm to 4pm, you’ll be in a group of elite students, learning the art of making the best frosting known to man. Tickets are currently $45, and you can learn more and register at qcakes.com. To learn more about why fondant is terrible, literally just try it.

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