One Day Medical Marijuana Masterclass Workshop at Hilton Garden Inn Albuquerque Airport, Albuquerque
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One Day Medical Marijuana Masterclass Workshop

Saturday Feb 8, 2020

2601 Yale Blvd. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106




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This full-day training seminar is a 6-in-1 program that contains all the information and materials from Leafy Green Agency’s six most popular business, career, and investing seminars.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, current business owner, or looking to start a new career in the cannabis industry, the One Day Recreational/Medical Marijuana Masterclass Workshop Certification Program is the most comprehensive educational opportunity available to gain the essential knowledge you need to succeed.

This full-day training seminar is a 6-in-1 program that contains all the information and materials from Leafy Green Agency’s six most popular business, career, and investing seminars: 

  • How to Grow Your Own Business in the Cannabis Industry
  • Cannabis Cultivation Training
  • Recreational/Medical Dispensary Operations Training
  • Breaking into the Cannabis Industry for Employees, Entrepreneurs and Investors
  • Budtender and Brand Ambassador Sales Training
  • How to Invest in Cannabis Stock Training
  • How to Fund Your Cannabis Business Workshop

What You’ll Learn

This game-changing class will prepare you to excel as a business owner,employee or anyone looking to learn the fast-growing cannabis industry, you’ll learn about the following topics and much more: 

General Industry Topics

  • Industry growth and revenue trends
  • Federal, state, and local laws governing the cannabis industry
  • And more

Business and Entrepreneurial Topics

  • Business opportunities
  • Obtaining Cannabis licenses, permits, and insurance
  • Creating a business plan, choosing a location, and putting operations in place
  • How to start your own hemp CBD Franchise
  • And more

Funding Topics

  • How to obtain Funding
  • Requirements
  • Personnel onsite to start your funding process
  • And more

Cultivation Topics

  • Cannabis growing, trimming, harvesting, drying, and curing
  • Cannabis strains, genetics, and cloning
  • And more

Dispensary Operations and Employee Topics

  • Treating medical conditions with cannabis
  • Chemistry and metrics
  • Benefits and drawbacks of different consumption methods
  • Product options and dosages
  • Managing point of sale systems, inventory, security, marketing, accounting, personnel, and other operations
  • Sales, customer service, legal, and compliance
  • And more

Career Topics

  • Career opportunities in the cannabis industry
  • Finding a job in the industry
  • How to be a cannabis brand representative and ambassador
  • And more

Stock Investing Topics

  • Evaluating investment risk tolerance and finding your investment strategy
  • Selecting a stock broker, analyzing stocks, and placing stock orders
  • Making portfolio adjustments to maximize returns
  • And more

What You’ll Get

This is an intensive seminar designed to give you complete knowledge of the cannabis supply chain so you can successfully start a business or land a job. You’ll receive:

  • Face-to-face instruction from highly-qualified and experienced doctors, lawyers, and cannabis industry experts
  • Complete study guides, resources, and tools for deeper understanding and retention
  • Verifiable certificate of course completion documenting your new credential


Who Is This Course For? 

This course is for anyone who wants to start a business or career in the cannabis industry as well as for anyone who wants to gain valuable and in-depth knowledge of the industry across the supply chain – from seed to sale.

There is no better credential to prove your knowledge of the cannabis industry and position you for success than the One Day Medial/Recreational Marijuana Mastercass workshop Certification Program. 


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General registration: $249