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ABQ Artwalk: Chaotic Order

A Walk Through Chaos

Image courtesy of David S. McKee

The first ABQArtwalk of 2020, as well as the first show of the new year at the marvelously eccentric OT Circus kicks off with Chaotic Order. The exhibition sets into motion on Friday, Jan. 3 at 5pm and features the work of David S. McKee. The small, colorful gallery brings a thematic evening of bedlam to life with mixed media abstract art, nibbles available from The Munchie Truck and coffee served with optional CBD by Tunnel Springs Coffee and Market. While the Artwalk happens monthly, this display is for one night only. As always, this event is free and open to all ages. (Mayo Lua de Frenchie)

Friday Jan 3, 2020

709 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102






Jennifer DeSantis

Phone: 5054134643
Website: Click to Visit

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The first show of the year is the fine abstract art of David S. McKee for one night only, with art raffles, The Munchie Truck and coffee from Tunnel Springs Coffee and Market.


Our first show of the year happens to be during the amazing ABQ Artwalk! We are excited to present: "Chaotic Order" : The Fine Abstract Art of David S. McKee! This exhibit is up just for the night, so be sure to come by!


With art raffles, and yums from The Munchie Truck, and delicious coffee + CBD from Tunnel Springs Coffee and Market!


5-9pm Friday January 3rd, 2020.



David S McKee - Artist Bio


My name is David McKee I was born and raised in eastern Oklahoma, I earned my BFA from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater where I primarily studied painting, drawing, mixed media, and art history. I studied painting with Marty Avrett, a former student of Richard Diebenkorn, and I studied painting and drawing with Dean Bloodgood, a former student of Adolph Gottlieb. I lived in Los Angeles for a few years, I then moved to upstate New York where my wife and I owned and operated a small private art school for children and adults. There was a lapse in my work as a painter for a few years due to a personal tragedy. I started doing photography, and I worked in graphic design, and advertising. My wife and son and I then moved to Albuquerque. A few years ago I returned to painting, my muse, the thing that I’m most passionate about was there waiting for my return. Since returning to painting, I have shown in galleries in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos, and the Denver area. My work is represented by David Anthony Fine Art in Taos, New Mexico.




David S McKee - Artist Statement


Is there a natural order to seemingly random events in our lives? The founder of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud believed that our lives are on a linear path and the experiences we have are based on cause and effect. Surprises, unpredictability, chance meetings, perhaps the feeling that you’ve met a person before is Chaos. At the other end of the spectrum lies Order. Is it possible to accept, and believe two ultimately contradictory truths?



Each piece that I create has an aspect of my life and experiences ingrained into it. When creating new works, I always keep in mind that artistry is progressive and because of this, my work continues to evolve. At one time, I used oil paint, roofing tar, encaustic, and liquid enamel to create my paintings. I have since started using acrylic, cold wax, spray paint, art crayons, charcoal and oil stick. Sometimes I incorporate torn sections of photographs or various types of papers to create my paintings. Combining these materials in a mixed media collage creates something that I am truly inspired by. My intention in these pieces is to portray reflection onto of the studies and theories of chaos vs. order. This is an aesthetic that I continue to experiment within my work. Each of the materials I use allows me to create various layers and textures upon the canvas. I am fascinated with texture and surface manipulation, through this I hope to generate a sense of space and dimension by building layer upon layer using palimpsest. I believe this process has allowed my paintings to become more organic in nature. My work continues to evolve. Painting is a lifelong pursuit.



I begin my painting by writing in charcoal on the canvas a few words, or thoughts of the day, observations, hopes, dreams, or regrets that I have. With a very loose framework of the image in heart and by noting compositional elements, I begin to draw on the canvas with charcoal and water-soluble art crayons, then apply paint. At this point, I do automatic drawing across the canvas. I smudge those areas with cold wax and apply more paint, and where there are large areas of color I lightly spray, sometimes heavy, with a water bottle to create paint runs and drips. I then step back for a few minutes to give thought to the piece. I need to have a silent dialogue with the painting. I don’t want to impose my will onto the canvas but instead, reflect and respond to what is in front of me. I tear out portions of printed photographs or insert different papers and affix them to the canvas, then I begin to construct the image while allowing myself enough room for those “ah-ha” moments that I believe are so important to have when painting. Then I start the whole process all over again. This is how I build a painting.