ABQArtwalk: Shiny, Warm and Colors

Friday Feb 7, 2020

709 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102







Phone: 5054154643
Website: Click to Visit

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The brilliant metal and wood art of Greg Lujan is on display and The Munchie Truck serves up savory wontons along with other light refreshments.


We are thrilled to host the brilliant metal and wood art of Greg Lujan for February ABQArtwalk at the OT Circus! Join us for "Shiny, Warm, and Colors", 1st Friday February 7th, 2020, from 5-9pm! The Munchie Truck will be serving up their signature, made to order, savory wantons, and we will have other light refreshments for our guests!

Shiny, Warm, and Colors.

This is a collection of local Artist Greg Lujan's unique style of work: colorful and natural wood veneer, hand-manufactured and shaped to create visual intrigue and emotional impact. Mr. Lujan combines the modern and the ancient, the cold and the warm, color with reflection.

About the artist, in his words:

"My art is most influenced by the manufacturing process. I’m inspired by tools and materials that can be combined in a problem-solving process to create something that, in some ways is new and in other ways was just waiting to be uncovered. Like the rings of a tree or the colorful strata underneath the ground, unique beauty exists when revealed. I first studied Art History at The University of New Mexico and have remained a student of contemporary art trends over the years. After several years of experimenting with wood, building furniture, and after an apprenticeship with a professional metal artist, I have developed enough skill to create art that I want to share with others. I hope my art provides a unique visual and emotional experience for the viewer. I hope that it compels people to stop and take notice."

We look forward to your attendance! The OT Circus is located between the Hotel Blue and Firestone Tires at: 709 Central Ave NW