Reaching Out to Embrace the Rhythm: Jacob Spill and Syd Linkletter

Reach Out and Touch Art

Depeche Mode once advised that we “reach out and touch faith,” so why not check out Reaching Out to Embrace the Rhythm: Jacob Spill and Sydney Linkletter at OT Circus on Saturday, Feb. 22 from 5pm to 9pm? This free, all-ages event features the graphic pop art of local artists Sydney Linkletter and Jacob Spill in all the wonderful styles and shapes that entails. Supporting local art is cool and really helps make a difference in the culture of the city, so if you want to be a part of the solution, get out there and show local artists some love. Email Jennifer at to learn more. For those who care about this sort of thing, there are also be light refreshments provided. (Dan Rayne Pennington)

Saturday Feb 22, 2020

709 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102







Phone: 5054154643
Website: Click to Visit

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This rad show features graphic pop art with light refreshments for guests.


The OT Circus is psyched to host this rad show featuring the graphic pop art of Sydney Linkletter and Jacob Spill! This exhibit is up for one night, Saturday Feb 22nd 2020 from 5-9pm, so don't miss it! We will have light refreshments for our guests, and certainly look forward to your attendance!

Reaching Out to Embrace the Rhythm:

“The effect we have on each other’s lives, however minuscule, starts as something.

However little we’ve touched or been touched will spiral, and continue.

Though not necessarily in style, this gallery showing is touching people’s lives and spiraling out. Whether you read this passing by, or stay to find out if I’ve used the Fibonacci sequence to write this. The point is that life keeps going, it changes, it moves, it’s black and white will make room for red and yellow. So stop in if you want to see some cool art that spiraled out from two people’s conception, infancy, childhood, adulthood, and rebirth.

(Honestly though it’s mostly fun loving pop culture pop art, digital art prints, and original paintings.) Don’t take it too seriously :)”

 Linkletter Artist Bio:

“Welcome to the result of a fruitless dance career.
At age 17, Syd Linkletter entertained the notion of becoming a hip hop dancer, like one does. Failure of their first and only dance class has lead them where they are now, to working for national and international clients in the art industry, producing children’s and comic books, regular participation in the local film community, appearing on the cover of the Weekly Alibi, and Lots of fan art. Showing that one action can acutely affect someone’s future, from bungling a handstand to landing book deals.
A denizen of New Mexico, Linkletter has been an art and design recluse from infancy, and now finally in their first public appearance, bringing digital art prints and original acrylic and gouache paintings in Pop Art Cartooning and Comic styles for sale, raffle, and interested onlookers.”

Jacob Spill:

As a professional artist, Jacob strives to create characters rich with expression, compositions vivid with color, and illustrations rippling with imagination. “Lost In A Story” is the focal point of Jacob’s expansive body of work. As a series of illustrations featuring people reading books in whimsical settings, the series encourages the viewer to spark up their imagination and get lost in a story! In addition to his series of original characters, Jacob enjoys creating fan art as an expression of love for the characters he grew up with and those newly discovered. Within this collection of fan art is a sub series of lighthearted pop culture male pinups created as a response to the over abundance of female pinups within the comic art community. Enjoy!”

See you on Feb 22nd! The OT Circus is located between the Hotel Blue and Firestone Tires at 709 Central Ave NW.