Laura Ramnarace Book Signing

Saturday Feb 1, 2020

111 Carlisle Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106






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The author signs her novel Sung Home, a post-apocalyptic tale set in NM's near future.


Laura Ramnarace signs her novel "Sung Home," a post-apocalyptic tale set in New Mexico's near future.

"Seven years after a fast-moving plague has killed most of the world’s population sixteen-year-old Lakshmi Boykin escapes from a warlord’s compound where she has lived since she was nine, accompanied solely by her trusty burro, Burl. Guided by the lyrics of a song, a 'songline' that her mother composed for her, she makes her way to her grandmother’s house deep in the Mogollon mountains, Lakshmi’s only hope for safety. Driven by fear of capture and the vision of a home and caring community, Lakshmi uses wilderness living skills she has learned from her father to make her way. Set in the near, post-apocalyptic future in the rural southwest, Sung Home is the story of the shattering loss of a doomed way of life--and of a second chance for humanity. Sung Home is the first in a trilogy."

Laura Ramnarace, M.A., lives in southwest New Mexico near the Gila National Forest where she works as a mediator and educator. She has authored a column on interpersonal relationships for the Silver City Independent and guest hosts for KURU Radio. She believes that humanity can do better and hopes that they do not wait for a catastrophe before doing so.

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