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The Devil in the Raw

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Pulling a rabbit out of a hat is one thing—but a flying man? That's likely to make anybody question their intestinal fortitude. Is Criss Angel actually the Devil? The question has been raised, but we've been too scared to learn the answer. Find out for yourself at Criss Angel RAW: The Mindfreak Unplugged. See Angel's world-famous sleight of hand street magic, mentalism and acts of prestidigitation at Route 66 Casino Hotel this Friday,Feb. 14, at 8pm. Tickets for this all-ages show start at $45. Wear diapers (and bring extras). (Joshua Lee)

Friday Feb 14, 2020

14500 Central SW
Albuquerque, NM 87121

Phone: (505) 352-7886


Phone: 505-352-7925

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Criss Angel has dominated the world of magic for over a decade, but even with his incomparable success, Criss' passion is to constantly create and bring his magic revolution to fans everywhere. Criss Angel RAW - The Mindfreak Unplugged is a theatrical experience unlike any seen before; bringing Angel's famous sleight of hand street magic, mentalism, and even some of his most iconic illusions to life - all performed in an intimate, raw setting. This extraordinary evening of magic unplugged features Criss and some of his amazing friends with a stripped-down purity that's in-your-face and guaranteed to blow your mind. Experience Criss Angel like never before!

Criss Angel is the most influential and imitated magician of the modern era. From his role as star, creator, executive producer and director of the most successful magic television series of all time, MINDFREAK on A&E Network, to his #1 best-selling Las Vegas stage show Criss Angel MINDFREAK, to countless critically acclaimed television specials and series, best-selling books, top-grossing retail products, music CDs and more. Hailing spectacular reviews from outlets such as Bloomberg Businessweek - who called him "the biggest name in Las Vegas magic", and the Las Vegas Sun - "The #1 magic show of all time!", Angel's magic revolution has single-handedly brought upon the art's resurgence.