Kelly Hunt

Sunday Feb 9, 2020

1808 Second Street
Ste L
Santa Fe, NM 87505






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Since her revelatory debut album “Even The Sparrow”  landed last May Memphis-born, Kansas City-based Kelly Hunt’s universe has expanded rapidly.  The album charted top 10 on both national folk radio charts for 12 weeks straight, made it’s way up the Americana radio chart and was universally hailed by an impressive collection of critics, publications, and websites in the US and Europe, establishing her as one of the rising stars in Folk/Americana music.  In addition to winding up on numerous 2019 "best-of"  lists the album was recently announced as a finalist for INTERNATIONAL FOLK MUSIC AWARDS “ALBUM OF THE YEAR”. 

Eminent music critic Greil Marcus in Rolling Stone said: “Hunt lets the instrument shape her syllables. From the first instant you know you’re in a place where there is no sense of time, where anything can happen and no one will ever have to admit to a thing.”  Upon listing her song “Across The Great Divide” on the Rolling Stone Country Ten Best Country and Americana Songs to Hear Now list, Robert Crawford said: “Kelly Hunt sings with the lilting cadence of a folksinger born somewhere far away, sometime long ago.”  Ian Anderson said in fRoots: “This one had its hooks in before its first play was through, then spent most of the day on repeat, revealing more and more facets…She pulls off that difficult thing of being part of a deep tradition while seemingly fully self-formed and original.” And Stacy Chandler in No Depression wrote: “[Hunt’s] stories - gut-punching in their truthfulness and beautiful in their imagery, often simultaneously - make her debut album, ‘Even The Sparrow,’ the musical equivalent of a book you can’t put down, one you’ll want to revisit again and again to catch every nuance and turn of phrase”. 

Kelly is joined on tour by multi-instrumentalist Stas’ Heaney.