The Dirty Liars' Game

Saturday Feb 22, 2020

4310 Central Ave SE (Nob Hill)
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Phone: 505-255-6782
Website: Click to Visit






The Liars' Game

Phone: 5052277378

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An interactive game show where three storytellers tell two true stories and one fake story under the theme "Going All the Way," and the audience votes to determine the liar.


You Did What!?

On Saturday, February 22nd, as Valentine’s Day recedes into the distance, we still have three romantic stories for you. Well, maybe not that romantic. After all, the theme is "Going All the Way" which is not always the way you think it will go.

Three male storytellers with amuse you with their risqué tales about going all the way and the consequences thereof. Because there are always consequences.

Of course, one is a lie and you get to ask questions and then vote. Bet you can't guess who the liar is. 

The game is played at O’Neill’s Pub and Grill in Nob Hill, 4310 Central Ave SE. There is plenty of well-lite parking off Washington. You are encouraged to come early and make an evening of it. They have a full menu of pleasing comfort food and superb beverages, designed to make this a merry evening.

It’s the perfect date night: cheap, fun and little naughty.

Admission at the door-only is $5 (please bring cash) and the door opens at 6:30 with the game starting at 8pm. For more information, email or call (505) 227-7378.