World’s Longest Braid

Please Don't Name it Tom Braidy

We don’t have a lot of Guinness World Records achievements here in the 505. Our most notable one would be when Felix Baumgartner who became the first person to break the sound barrier in free fall back in 2012, which checks out that box for “jumping out of a spaceship to try and hit the ground as quickly as possible.” But no longer will we be beholden to Red Bull’s corporate ploys! It’s time for a new world record, and that's local senior citizen Hiddekel Burks’ attempt at the World’s Longest Braid in Coronado Center, which begins on Thursday, Feb. 20 from 9am to 9pm and continues through Monday, Feb. 24. Bring your own yarn to donate to this free, all-ages event or even volunteer to braid. Sit in at the Braiding Bar if you just want to braid for fun. All of this takes place outside Sephora, so take a glam-up break if needed. For more information, call 881-2700. (Dan Rayne Pennington)

Thursday Feb 20, 2020

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6600 Menaul NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110






Hiddekel Burks
Phone: 5058812700
Website: Click to Visit

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Witness a Guinness Book World Record attempt for the longest textile braid and make history with an interactive braiding bar for public participation.

Honoring Black History Month and Celebrating the Art of Braiding with artist, Hiddekel Burks. The public is invited to witness a Guinness Book World Record attempt for the Longest Textile Braid. Taking place at the Coronado Mall, in front of Sephora by Barnes and Noble entrance. Be a part of history by bringing your Acrylic Yarn Donations or volunteer at the event. There will be an interactive Braiding Bar and photo opportunity for public participation.