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Image by Clarke Condé

Don’t be an apologist ufologist, stand tall in your desire to believe. Better yet, join up with others at Fourteen Fifteen Gallery on Saturday, Feb. 22 at 7pm for a live taping of the YouTube hit “Alien Hour with Dr. Howard.” The doctor is in with special guest Marya Errin Jones, live music from Ribcage and God knows what else. Topics may include recent UFO sightings, UFO disclosure, stuff the government is doing, psychic pets and/or current location of El Chupacabra. Believing is better together at this free, all-ages event. (Clarke Condé)

Saturday Feb 22, 2020

1415 Fourth Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102




Fourteenfifteen Gallery

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The acclaimed ufologist, veterinarian and host discusses the year of UFO disclosure and covers recent sightings with special guests, surprises and live music from Ribcage.


Fourteenfifteen Gallery presents a night of live UFO research with Dr. Howard, acclaimed ufologist, veterinarian, and host of the Alien Hour YouTube channel. Dr. Howard has previously performed at venues such as The Lyric Theater in Carrizozo, NM; CCA Santa Fe; and the Espacio Escultórico UNAM in Mexico City, Mexico

During this special live version of Alien Hour, Dr. Howard will discuss 2020 as the year of UFO disclosure, cover recent UFO sightings, and much more. Expect special guests and special surprises.

Dr. Howard will be accompanied by live music from Albuquerque based musician RIBCAGE and perhaps more.

This is a FREE event, open to the public