Meno-Morphosis Full Moon Ritual: From Fear to Freedom at Self Serve, Albuquerque
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Meno-Morphosis Full Moon Ritual: From Fear to Freedom

Monday March 9, 2020

112 Morningside Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

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What comes up when you hear the word “menopause”? Words like: hot flash, dryness, atrophy, low libido, aging? 

Our culture teaches us from an early age that menopause is the end of sex. It is something to be feared, resisted, medicalized, “treated,” and endured. For some of us, it brings up fears of death, ending, and loss - of libido, of lubrication, of youth, of fertility and birth and motherhood and of all desirability.

Menopause affects every human, either directly within our body or in the body of someone we love - a mother, a sister, a lover, a spouse. We’ve all heard about it basically since we were born. It’s inevitable, organic, irreversible, archetypal. And: with understanding, practice, and awareness, it can become amazing! Ecstatic! and a journey of Super Erotic Expansion!

Release the fear. All of it!

In this workshop, Anne More will share her journey into Erotic, Ecstatic Meno-morphosis. Together we will draw on the power of the Super Full Moon to release fear and body stuckness. Through breath work, meditation, collective sharing of our journeys, and physical mapping, we will reclaim this incredible and welcome transformation full of magic, mystery, and meaning. We will create a new, positive, empowering mental and spiritual framework for menopause as a physical and Energetic initiation into a new way of being in our bodies, our lives, and the world beyond. 

As we tap into the power of Meno-morphosis, you will learn:

Sheela Na-Gig and Historical and Cultural Meno-morphosis: how our negative and limited cultural bias around menopause fits into the larger human experience

Practices and Meditations:

Fire Offering: Transmuting hot flashes into Intentional Energetic Clearing

Body Mapping: Using self-touch, sound, and breath to map and explore your womb space and create connection with your physical and Energetic womb. With this new meta-physical connection, we will practice Tantra-based breath work to circulate and build sexual energy through the spine and chakra system.

Full Moon Wonder Womb: A guided meditation to release resistance, surrender into sensation, and draw awareness and expansive energy into the source of our creative, erotic, generational, and collective power

Sacred Spot Massage and Amrita as ecstatic ritual and deep Root Chakra cleansing

Please bring: comfortable clothing, a yoga mat and/or cushion, a towel, your menopause story (or fears, or celebrations) and an intention of what you specifically want to release around your experience of or relationship with menopause