Blast Off Into Rocketry Day Camp

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Every kid dreams of going to space camp. You imagine your parents sending you off on a plane flight (by yourself!) to the magical land of Alabama. You picture yourself spending hours in zero-gravity simulation chambers learning about flight control panels and the physics of flying. While heading off on this expensive three-month adventure isn't plausible for most, the Challenger Learning Center right here in New Mexico is offering their own Holiday Camp Programs with activities, demonstrations and hands-on projects for grades Kindergarten thru 6th. Children grades 4-6 can experience the space life with Blast Off Into Rocketry and Cosmic Capers. Grades 2-3 can discover the power of the sun with Star Light, Star Bright. And the wee explorers grades K-1 can learn about the craft of flight at the Air Power day camp. One-day programs are $50 per child and spaces fill up fast. Visit for more information and to register. (Emily Aragon)

Thursday Jan 3, 2013

1776 Montaño Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107

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Stephen Vann

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Build Hero engines, paper rockets and more while learning about the science of flight and the evolution of rocket science.

Come discover something new with this hands on exploration into the world of rockets! Thursday, January 3, 2013; 8:30-3:30. For students in grades 4-6. $50 per student. Pre-registration is required! Register at