Fundraising Rally

Sunday Jan 6, 2013

107 E. Barcelona Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Phone: 982-9674
Website: Click to Visit



For "the LANL 6," anti-nuclear protestors facing jail and fines.

The event will celebrate the courage shown by the LANL 6 with music, food, poetry and speakers. 

The LANL 6 were arrested by the Los Alamos Police and Bechtel Corporation security guards on August 6, 2012, during the course of a peaceful Hiroshima-Day protest. Although the 6 barely knew each other on the morning of their arrest, they were united in their protest. They offered no resistance to authorities. Instead, they held hands or linked arms as one-by-one they were handcuffed and led away. During the months since their arrest, the bonds between them have grown stronger. The LANL 6 is composed of Pam Gilchrist and Cathie Sullivan of Santa Fe; Benjamin (Summer) Abbott, Janet Greenwald and Barbara Grothus of Albuquerque; and Wind Euler of Tucson, AZ. Each is charged with three counts of criminal trespass, which could result in up to 179 days in jail, and a $1,500 fine. 

The LANL 6 believe that nuclear weapons are useless, illegal, and their production and storage is poisoning the environment and wasting financial resources.  The biggest national security threat facing the US is catastrophic climate change. In New Mexico, we are facing extreme drought, disappearing aquifers, megafires and record heat.

As the world’s greatest per capita polluter, the U.S. should be leading the world on this issue. Instead, our tax dollars protect and support the profits of Bechtel and other corporations engaged in weapons production and related technologies.  

The January 6 fundraiser for the LANL 6 is sponsored by the Social Justice Team, Unitarian Universalist Congregation; Veterans for Peace, Santa Fe; Santa Fe Friends Meeting; Nuke Free Now; (Un)Occupy, Albuquerque and Pax Christi, Santa Fe