Saturday Jan 19, 2013

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203 Cornell Dr NE
UNM Main Campus
(Popejoy Hall)
Albuquerque, NM 87122




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A mosaic of projections, music, and characters that closely capture the chaotic spirit of these times. Part of the Revolutions International Theatre Festival.

Storm is a play about environment and a journey into the social paradigms that prevent the world from taking action. A chorus of characters spans historical and contemporary thought crossing cultural barriers. The actors move from character to character, colliding with the scientific information and news reports, blending with the emerging music and projections. Dialogue, story and a plethora of images spontaneously erupt. Catharsis follows chaos. Performances are real-time experiences, differing at each performance.

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Revolutions 13

International Theatre Festival returns with puppets, masks and a giant igloo

“’79fjord” (from Denmark)Wednesday 1/23 8pm • Thursday 1/24 8pm • Friday 1/25 8pm
When the Revolutions International Theater Festival rolls into town every January, it feels like Santa has come all over again. Only this time, he’s brought inimitable theatrical experiences from countries as far away and diverse as Poland, Mexico, Switzerland, Australia, Italy and more.

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