Finger Mouth

Thursday Jan 31, 2013

Additional Dates:

110 Gold Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102




Phone: (505) 414-3738

The dark and hilarious tale of one girl’s journey through the world of possible mental illness. Part of the Revolutions International Theatre Festival.

Based on actual events in turn-of-the-century France, Finger Mouth follows a young woman whose attempt to escape childhood trauma lands her in a seemingly timeless hospital where doctors describe her symptoms simply as “Hysteria;” a blanket diagnosis that was given to thousands of women with a diverse range of symptoms. Created and performed in Tricklock’s signature physical absurdist style and incorporating shadow theatre techniques, Finger Mouth is a comedy about unfunny things.Created over the course of three years, Finger Mouth (formerly called Waist Deep in Ice) is based in shadow puppetry techniques Tricklock Company has learned through their many collaborations with other artists, specifically on their 2011 tour to Krakow, Poland, where they were able to workshop with the world-renowned shadowplay artists at Teatr Figur Krakow.

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