Love Is A Masquerade

Saturday Mar 16, 2013

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5800 Kathryn SE
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 717-4494






Phone: (505) 717-4494
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A family-friendly play set in an imaginary kingdom called Arcadia in which a princess and a peasant are hit with cupid's arrow and fall in love.

In this kingdom the royal family lives atop a mountain. On the lower part of the mountain live peasants, farmers, and the working class.  A great tradition in Arcadia is to hold a masquerade ball each year. Before this event, Cupid, the matchmaker, throws pairs of arrows to form the couples who will create the future generation. Unfortunately on this day, Cupid has the flu. Because of his illness he aims poorly shooting the first two arrows. One goes up the mountain to the royal family, piercing the Princess Sally’s heart, and the other one goes down, piercing the heart of Larry, a simple peasant. Princess Sally and Larry the peasant fall in love immediately and want to go to the ball.