Beneficial Breathing Technique

Saturday May 25, 2013

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Rio Rancho, NM 87124

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Class taught by Caren Waters designed to help discover the power of the breath.

Beneficial breathing is comprised of three powerful breathing techniques that may help with various physical and emotional issues. Says Ms. Waters, “In these very stressful times, most of us breathe in a shallow manner, in survival mode!” Beneficial breathing techniques help to open up the abdomen and the chest with the goal of taking long, slow deep breaths to achieve deep relaxation and peace of mind.

Ms. Waters received her training at the Goenke Vippassana Center in Shelbourne Falls, Massachusetts 24 years ago and has been practicing faithfully, on a daily basis, ever since. ”I’ve taken what I’ve learned and adapted it so that all people from all religions or no religion can experience and benefit from it.” Fifty-seven year old Waters was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. On her honeymoon, at the age of 19, she drove through the Land of Enchantment on Route 66 and never forgot it. Twenty-five years later, she migrated west and has lived here ever since.

Her motivation to learn the breathing techniques was personal. “With an eating disorder, digestive problems, anxiety and tension, and raising two daughters at the time, I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to be better for myself and for my relationship with my daughters”, she explains. The eating disorder was a nine year ordeal, and within a year after my training, it just dropped away one day―gone. Digestive problems continue to improve, and anxiety and tension are now manageable.” Ms. Waters hopes that others may benefit from learning beneficial breathing techniques.