to: Cosmos from: Chaos

Thursday Apr 25, 2013

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301 Mountain NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 842-8016
Website: Click to Visit



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Works by Celeste Neuhaus.

Celeste Neuhaus’ sculptures, assemblages, and videos celebrate the ever-changing understandings of the universe and its forces, from alchemy to astrophysics. With the compulsion to create cosmos (order) out of chaos, she constructs geometric forms from the remains of modern day rituals: tinsel, crepe paper, confetti, ribbons, and plastic eggs. She combines this detritus with natural objects common to the cosmologies of different times, places or cultures, such as bird feathers and trees, to illuminate connections between contemporary celebrations and the forces of nature. Integrating the natural with the synthetic, consumption with creation, balance with imbalance, Neuhaus reveals the archetypal beneath the mundane, and transforms the familiar into a surprise.