Roots of Yoga: A Talk on Vedic Spirituality

Saturday May 25, 2013

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4600 Copper NE
Albuquerque, NM

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Pavan Kalasikam

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Acharya Prem Siddarth, an acclaimed teacher of Vedanta from India, leads a dialog about yoga as a means for living purposefully and attaining a deeper awareness of self.

These talks will also provide an introduction to Vedic knowledge for anyone who is interested in learning more about the philosophical basis of Hinduism, including scholars, students, and community members (whether or not one practices yoga). All are welcome. Admission is free.Acharya Prem Siddarth is a renowned teacher of Vedanta from India. He is the guiding force behind Arsha Vidya Vahini, an institution based in Hyderabad, dedicated to promoting Vedic knowledge across the continents. His discourses are filled with joy and wit, bringing the ageless wisdom of the Vedas into our hearts and daily lives.We welcome you to participate in this Jnana Yagnam (discourse series).

Yoga originated in ancient India as a spiritual practice. It has since branched out across the world into a popular form of physical exercise. These talks will reveal the spiritual basis of yoga found in the famous Patanjali Yoga Sutras from Hindu scriptures.