Lifesongs Community Conversations

Tuesday Aug 27, 2013

133 Seton Village Road
Santa Fe, NM 87508

Phone: (505) 995-1860
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Marissa Roybal

Phone: 505-995-1860
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Come together as a community to share and reflect on personal experiences with care-giving, aging and dying.

How can we live life to the fullest and engage the aging process as a gift? Lifesongs is an intergenerational arts project that promotes social inclusion and dignity for elders and people in hospice care. Central to the Lifesongs process is the artist-facilitated creation of original musical works by people in nursing homes and hospice care. Lifesongs engages youth and community members in the interactive creative process and hosts public events that increase awareness and engagement with the processes of aging and dying.New to Lifesongs, Community Conversations are free and opento the public. A key question will launch each Community Conversation and experts from the fields of creative aging, hospice, and medicine will join community members to provide critical insight and reflection.