Art at the Border: 21st Century Responses

Thursday Oct 17, 2013

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516 ARTS

516 Central Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

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516 ARTS

Phone: 505-242-1445
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An exhibit of artistic responses to the sociopolitical environment of the US/Mexico border.


Opening Day Events: Saturday, October 124pm: Public Forum: Art at the Border6-8pm: Opening ReceptionIn conjunction with the November 2013 publication of curator Kate Bonansinga's book Curating at the Edge: Artists Respond to the U.S./Mexico Border, this exhibition investigates the artistic practices of contemporary artists who have responded to the current sociopolitical environment of the border between the U.S. and Mexico. The artists range in experience from emerging to established. Some of these artists are Mexican living in Mexico. Some are Mexican living in the U.S. Others are Mexican American. And yet others are U.S. citizens of European ancestry. All of them have investigated the border region. Many of them reside or have resided there. The link between them is a shared interest in the current climate of the U.S./Mexico border and the conveyance of this territory in visual terms. Subjects include immigration struggles, drug-related and domestic violence, craft as identity, and the fluidity of cross-border cultural exchange that defies physical walls. Photography, sculpture, and video are the focus.Artists include:Alejandro Almanza PeredaAdrian EsparzaMargarita CabreraMarcos Ramirez ERRETania Candiani & RSM (Rodrigo Guzmán)SIMPARCH

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The fine unline

Adrian Esparza, Superstructure, from installation Vitrina de Colonias, 2013, serape, plywood, nails, 18 x 16 feet

A map of the world is not a puzzle. Its pieces don’t snap together and hold—they’re amorphous, they fluctuate, and they are transformed by their proximity to one another. Look at the work of Adrian Esparza: He takes cheap, mass-produced serapes, the emblematic striped textiles of traditional Mexico, and unravels them until they’re piles of multicolored string. He suspends the strings in patchwork formations, like penciled lines of shading, to create abstract geometric wallscapes. His Pop-Art-esque transformations of the knockoff serapes, themselves already derived from traditional Mexican garments, underline the exchange between Mexican craft and US consumption—la frontera, the border, remains fluid. Esparza’s installations feature in Art at the Border: 21st Century Responses, the new exhibition at 516 Arts (516 Central SW). The show’s work, by artists that range from up-and-coming to established, emerges from the ragged sociopolitical edges forged along the US-Mexico border. Another featured artist, Margarita Cabrera, sculpts cars and tractors that call attention to the poorly paid workers in Mexican maquiladoras assembling American vehicles; her “John Deere Tractor Model #790 (#1)” is a life-size tractor replica that’s cast in clay, covered in earth-toned slip paint and bedecked with vines and flowers. Art at the Border continues through January 2014 at 516 Arts, which is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from noon to 5pm. Free.

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