Breaking Bad Watch Party

Sunday Aug 25, 2013

5603 Menaul Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Phone: (505) 881-5333
Website: Click to Visit

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Enjoy show themed beverages and food, discussions and guest appearances by local actors and talent.

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Raising Hell in the Land of Enchantment

Sony Pictures Television / Ben Leuner
Now in its fourth season, the critically acclaimed “Breaking Bad” is about as much a cultural signifier of New Mexico—and Albuquerque in particular—as green chile and sunshine. But sunny the show's theme and direction are not.

Bryan Cranston, creator Vince Gilligan and cast members weighed in on the show’s theme, locality and the role of politics in the film industry.

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The Colorful Mr. White

Bryan Cranston on seeing red, going black and being a chameleon

Sony Pictures Television / Ben Leuner
He's won three consecutive Emmys for his leading role on AMC's "Breaking Bad." Watching him alternate between the feeble, stomped-upon character of Walter White and a meth kingpin persona known as “Heisenberg,” the dramatic range that brought Bryan Cranston such acclaim is clear. “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan calls him the greatest talent he’s ever worked with—“an actor who comes along every hundred years or so.”

The Alibi spoke with Cranston about Albuquerque, getting inside the mind of Walter White and why Michael Jordan should step aside.

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Vince Gilligan interview: Life after Walt, naming the show, the film incentive

Vince Gilligan on set
Sony Pictures Television / Greg Peters

Keeping in this week’s spirit of all things “Breaking Bad,” here are some previously unpublished insights from Vince Gilligan. Last week the brains behind the show spoke to the Alibi from a production studio in Burbank:

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