Exchanges Art opening

Saturday Sep 14, 2013

804 Park Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 400-9201






El Chante: Casa de Cultura

Phone: (505) 400-3635
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Join us for a night of art, music, food and fun, as we celebrate the opening of the “Exchanges Art” exhibit. Lottie Archuleta, David Disko, and Arnold Trujillo will come together to conduct an artistic exchange of different techniques, mediums, styles and influences.

She’s back, after taking some time off, our first featured artist is Lottie Archuleta (Ohkay Ohwenghe and Taos) of Ohkay Ohwenghe Pueblo who will be presenting a body of new and old paintings entitled “The Traditional Way”. A mother, grandmother, and teacher, Archuleta is an award-winning artist who took first place in the Heards Museum contemporary painting competition and an award winner at the 8 Northern Arts and Crafts Fair. Archuleta’s paintings are 2 and 3 dimensional acrylic paintings.   “Coloring Inside the Lines” features new paintings by David Disko. Through his artistic process, he made countless thumbnail sketches of individual shapes and their arrangement. Disko created an iconography of patterns where generally these patterns are tied to certain color combinations. Disko arranges the reusable shapes and patterns into a grid or grid like system that is often times oriented around a large central shape. He uses color to make the painting more vibrant or sedate.   Our third artist is Arnold Trujillo, a Taoseño, who will be presenting a body of photographs entitled “Mi Mundo”. “Mi Mundo” is an expression of the world surrounding Trujillo, mi mundo, with a vision from years of experience. Trujillo states, “Not all of my photographs fall into the category of art, only those which have a special feeling coming from color, composition, subject…those that evoke a feeling.”