District 2 candidates forum with Isaac Benton and Roxanna Meyers

The Three Rs with Candidates for District 2

Though they may sound like delicious varieties of candy, “Ike” and “Rox” are actually candidates competing for the new incarnation of the District 2 City Council seat. What’s clear is that each one possesses an equally admirable All-American three-letter nickname, so unfortunately, citizens won’t be able to use that as the deciding factor when they vote on Oct. 8. This race might just have to come down to the issues. Today’s District 2 was formed in 2012 through arcane redistricting magic that melded most of Democrat Isaac “Ike” Benton’s District 3 (including Barelas, Downtown and north-campus neighborhoods) into Debbie O’Malley’s North Valley District 2. When O’Malley got a new gig as County Commissioner, Mayor Berry appointed fellow Republican Roxanna “Rox” Meyers to fill the vacancy. So inasmuch as city council races ever get exciting, it’s pretty exciting that the race for the now-meatier District 2 features two resident incumbents squaring off. This Thursday, Sept. 12, both Meyers and Benton will be at the North Valley Senior Center for a Q&A forum during a meeting of the North Valley Coalition. Ignore their likeable nicknames and demand they tackle the issues by bringing your tough questions about the area’s three Rs: roundabouts, revitalizations and the Rio Grande. (Lisa Barrow)

Thursday Sep 12, 2013

3825 Fourth Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107






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Part of the North Valley Coalition's September meeting. Agenda also includes a presentation on the controversial Rio Grande Vision plan.