Caravan of Thieves • gypsy jazz • Pawn Drive

Wednesday Oct 16, 2013




Driving gypsy jazz rhythms, acoustic guitars, upright bass and violin lay the foundation for mesmerizing vocal harmonies and fantastic stories. It's theatrical and humorous. It's musical and intense. It entertains, dazzles and defies classification while welcoming the spectator to join the band throughout the performance in momentary fits of claps, snaps and sing-alongs. If Django Reinhardt, the cast of Stomp and the Beatles all had a party at Tim Burton's house, Caravan of Thieves would be the band they hired. Local folk/Americana band Pawn Drive will open the show.

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Caravan of Thieves

Connecticut quartet Caravan of Thieves describe themselves as swingin’, serenading, firebreathing circus freaks and gypsies. Rooted in an aural alchemy of 1930s swing, gypsy jazz rhythms and popular music, Caravan of Thieves is a combo of acoustic instrumentation—acoustic guitars, upright bass and violin—and dark lyricism that may serve as a pre-marigold season sonic celebration of, say, the spirit of autumn. Take the opening lyrics from “Raise the Dead”: “Hey love, you're not still afraid of our dearly departed, right?/ ’Cause Earhart, Mozart, Joan of Arc and all of their friends are expected tonight.” Catch the gypsy troubadours and local “grit und drang” folk/Americana band Pawn Drive at Low Spirits (2823 Second Street NW) on Wednesday, Oct. 16. The stage lights up at 7pm at this 21-and-over (sans parent or guardian) recital, and tickets are $12 presale and $15 day of show.

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