CocoRosie • freak folk, experimental • REIGHNBEAU • Nicolatron • Jenny Wren

Thursday Oct 31, 2013




Phone: 505-764-0249
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Sœur lemonade

Courtesy of artist

Sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady unfurl their folktronic mantle as CocoRosie at Sunshine Theater (120 Central SW) on All Hallows’ Eve at 9pm. Gender-bending lionmasters, pirates and reindeer herders can join the eldritch siblings at their enchanted, theatrical autumn fête and find themselves in fine company. Formed in 2003, CocoRosie’s moniker is a portmanteau of their childhood nicknames; Bianca’s was “Coco,” and Sierra’s was “Rosie.” With five full-lengths under their fishnet-and-wool hoop skirt, the act has relentlessly toured and successfully cultivated a national and international fan base. If you’re not already an über-fan, give “Lemonade” or “Gallows” a listen and find yourself charmed. Local songbird Jenny Wren, DJ Nicolatron and Reighnbeau open. Festive revelers aged 13 and over are cordially invited to join the circus. ... if only for one night. Presale tickets are $17.

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