Take-Away Portraits with Axle Contemporary

Monday Jan 6, 2014

3500 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: (505) 265-4631
Website: Click to Visit



More events at La Montañita Co-op

Artists Jerry Wellman and Matthew Chase-Daniel invite people to bring an important object and have their potrait taken to be included on their mobile portrait studio.

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E burque unum

The Axle Contemporary van as it appeared after a 2012 E Pluribus Unum event in Santa Fe
courtesy of Axle Contemporary

There’s a lot of us, and no doubt we’re all precious snowflakes. But we form, by definition, one humanity. E Pluribus Unum is the Latin phrase adorning our cash—“Out of many, one”—and surely, if there were ever an arcane slogan that could inspire multiple, maybe even conflicting, definitions, this is it. But then if you take all those interpretations and lay them side by side, doesn’t that totality become its own new and larger meaning? Jerry Wellman and Matthew Chase-Daniel seem to think so. The Axle Contemporary founders are bringing their mobile gallery/studio to Albuquerque Jan. 6 through 12 for a project appropriately dubbed E Pluribus Unum (One From Many): Albuquerque that attempts to collect and assemble our city’s many voices into a unified whole—and they literally cannot do it without you. Grab an object of significance to you and bring it to one of the studio’s scheduled stops, including Gold Street Caffé, OFFCenter, The Grove Café & Market and several others (see axleart.com for the complete schedule). Once there, your portrait will be taken and two copies printed on the spot, one for you and the other to be glued onto the van. Through technological sorcery, all the photos will be synthesized into a meta-image and ultimately included in a book. The van’s first stop is La Montañita Co-op in Nob Hill (3500 Central NE) on Monday, Jan. 6, 9am to 5pm. Come and be a part of everyone.

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