Yars' Revenge

Get Your Beep-Boop On

Do you get misty for those halcyon days of 1982, when you were a giant space wasp hell-bent on picking your way through the enemy’s defenses and destroying their cannon before it destroyed you? Even if you weren’t born yet, the game Yars’ Revenge kindles this need within you. Luckily, on Saturday, April 19, the Tannex is hosting a Yars’ Revenge event. Swing by 1417 Fourth Street SW after 8pm. For $5 you get to manhandle the joysticks of two Atari Flashback systems in any of 64 classic games, including Asteroids, Centipede, Pitfall!, Breakout and possibly the single most embarrassing video game of all time, Video Checkers. (Kidding, of course; E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial has that “honor.”) Live electronica completes the evening, courtesy of local acts Huron Valley Listening Club, Lenn Cicada and Meta Vaux. While waiting your turn to settle that 30-year Galaga grudge match with your sister, you can fight over who has to be P2 next time, or plan a field trip to the Atari landfill excavation we hear is launching in Alamogordo on April 26. (Holly von Winckel)


Saturday Apr 19, 2014

1417 Fourth Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

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Huron Valley Listening Club

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Enjoy stimulating visuals, the chance to play vintage video games and hear live music by Huron Valley Listening Club, Lenn Cicada and Meta Vaux.

LIVE Electronic Music byHuron Valley Listening ClubLenn Cicada PLAY Vintage video games.ENJOY Stimulating visuals.USE your joystick Controllers.FEEL the Special Feature.One Player * Two PlayersSuper flies fight for their lives.Saturday, APRIL 19th 8PM, FIVE DOLLARS.