De/Vision • synthpop • Diverje • industrial • Nexus Elementa • DJ Suspence

Friday Jun 13, 2014



See also: Four Up

Berliner electro-pop

Courtesy of artist

On June 26, 1963, John F. Kennedy proudly proclaimed himself a jelly donut to a crowd of Germans. Okay, it was merely a misplaced “ein,” and the people totally knew what he meant. But you won’t have to deal with any translation-related issues at Berliner electro-pop duo De/Vision’s gig at Low Spirits (2823 Second Street NW) on Friday, June 13. Most of their lyrics are in English, and even when they’re not, this band is so ridiculously tight that you’ll be too busy swaying and arm-dancing to care what they’re singing. De/Vision has been doin’ this thing for 26 years, and that fact becomes obvious when you hear ’em. This 21-plus dance party revs up at 9pm, and tickets are $12. Diverje, Nexus Elementa and DJ Suspence open. Pro-tip: Fishnet armwarmers stay cool and look hot.

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