K-PAX (2001)

Saturday Jul 26, 2014

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Film follows Prot, who claims to be an extraterrestrial from the planet K-PAX. Part of the Kevin Spacey Retrospective series.


Claiming to be an extraterrestrial from a planet called 'K-PAX' about one thousand light years away in the Lyra constellation, Prot (rhyming with the word "goat", played by Kevin Spacey) is committed to the Psychiatric Institute of Manhattan where psychiatrist Mark Powell (Jeff Bridges) begins to evaluate him as a delusional. However, Prot's unwavering ability to provide cogent answers to questions about himself, K-PAX, and its civilization leads Dr. Powell to introduce him to a group of astrophysicists, where Prot claims to have journeyed to Earth by means of "light-travel" and goes on to display knowledge that puzzles them.


120 min

Rated: (PG-13)



Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, Mary McCormack